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Want to publish your book your way? Then look no further than Partridge Publishing. We offer a comprehensive range of publishing, editorial, and marketing services that help you achieve the book you have envisioned for so long. So take the first step toward literary fulfillment without ever having to give up creative rein over your work.

Have you written a master thesis or a bachelor thesis and are considering our free publishing services? Are you a professor or academic who is wondering how to publish your scripts, lecture notes, thesis, dissertation or research with an international publishing platform? If yes, then ETHICS PUBLISHERS have the right offer for you!



So, you are now wondering how to publish your thesis or dissertation as a book? Send us an e-mail with some initial information about your work to: editor@ijarpb.com. One of our highly dedicated editors will get back to you very soon to discuss a publishing proposal. We look forward to hearing from you.



The conventional book in offset printing is produced at significant initial costs in a first edition completely independent of the actual demand. More often than not, either too many copies are printed – or the book is sold out. This is particularly unfavorable for the author and the publisher.



ETHICS PUBLISHERS makes use of print-to-order (PTO), a further development of the print-on-demand (POD) procedure. Here, books are permanently stored in a database. It can thus be printed at any time in the demanded quantities and sold in high-quality by conventional or online retailers. And even directly where it is required: In the India. PTO enables us to publish fast and efficiently and to deliver all our books to any point in the world.



The successful marketing of a book is a complex task. It starts with the evaluation of the marketability of the text by our editorial office. This means that if we offer you an author contract, you already know that your book is "in vogue". Further key factors in the marketing process are the title, intelligent indexing, the cover image, the jacket text and the author portrait.

This data is optimized by the publishing house and entered in all relevant catalogues worldwide. The book is offered to the leading international book distributors. If they are positive about a title and enlist it, the whole industry can order the book for their customers at short notice. As another important service of ETHICS PUBLISHERS we offer free pdf review copies of the works to selected specialist journalists and editors for review.

  • Idea for your book.
  • Qualify the proposed book according to the Writing Nonfiction.
  • Research the subject.
  • Check for other books (resources and competition).
  • Check the possible title.
  • Get a model book.
  • Select a working title.
  • Draft the cover copy.
  • Set up your binder with dividers, front matter, and back matter. Slip the mock-up of the covers into the outside pockets.
  • Assemble research materials into chapter piles.
  • Research. Gather more content.
  • Decision: Keyboard or dictate
  • First draft, rough draft. Get what you have into the binder. Draft all chapters before going back to edit.
  • Second draft. Content edit. Research and fill in the gaps.
  • Gather quotations, if you decide to use them.
  • Draft question list. Start getting answers.
  • Draft an illustration list: the photos and drawings you will need. Start locating them.
  • Third draft. Peer review. Send out chapters for feedback.
  • Get testimonials for the back cover, page one, etc.
  • Fourth draft. Copy edits. Clean up the punctuation, grammar, and style
  • Fact checking.
  • Confirm stories and facts.
  • Confirm addresses and figures.