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Current Issues

Volume 4, Issue 4, Sept. - Dec. 2014
Sr. No Issue Month Type Issues Download
1. Jan - March Research Article Synthesis Characterization and Anti-Microbial activity of novel substituted indole derivatives
Jalandra R. Bhadauria RS, Joshi DB.
2. Jan - March Research Article Development and characterization of Nateglinide solid lipid microparticles
Surbhi Sharma
3. Jan - March Research Article Synthesis Characterization and Anti-Microbial activity of novel substituted Bezoxazole Derivatives
Paliwal R. Bhadauria RS, Joshi DB.
4. Jan - March Research Article

Method Development and Analytical Validation of Levonorgestrel Drug

By RP-HPLC Method
Insha Zaidi*, Dr .Deshbandhu Joshi, Dr.Raghvendra singh Bhadauria

5. Jan - March Review Article Effect of different leaf extracts of Bombax ceiba on gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity in albino rats
#A. Vasita1, *S.Bhargava1
6. Jan - March Review Article A Review Article on Ophthalmology.
Dr. Aniket Pratap Singh
7. Jan - March Review Article Zellweger syndrome - A peroxisome biogenesis disorders (PBD)
Dipal Patel, komal sharma, Chetan Singh Chauhan
8. Jan - March Review Article Analysis Of Selected Benzodiazepines In The Environment By Hf-Lpme And Lc-Ms/Ms
Jadon G
9. April - June Research Article Co-Relation Between Lactate Dehydrogenase And Creatine Kinase-Mb In Acute Myocardial Infarction
Kale Bhagwat1, Habbu Padmini2
10. April - June Research Article Antioxidant Study Of Cordia Dichotoma
Suman Rawat*
11. April - June Research Article Solubility Enhancement Of Curcumin Using HPMC K 15M By Solvent Change Precipitation Method
Pranali Waghmare*, Dr. Pramod Kadu
12. April - June Research Article The Occurrence and Associated Risk Factors of Pre – Eclampsia Amongst Pregnant Women in Their Third Trimester of Gestation Attending the Bamenda Sub –Divisional Medicalized Health Center Nkwen
Emmanuel N Tufon., Maguiateu Teguia, N and Samje Moses
13. April - June Reasearch Article Comparative Study Of Atorvastatin Plus Fenofibrate Versus
Atorvastatin Alone For Its Safety And Efficacy In Hyperlipidemic Patients
Disha B. Patel, Dr. Rina N. Desai*, Dr. I. S. Anand, Dr. C. N. Patel
14. July - September Reasearch Article An Overview On Scientific Approaches For Impurity Profiling In New Pharmaceutical Substances And Products- A Review Article
R Sharma* , Dr. A Goyal
15. July - September Review Article Treatment of T.B. By Directly Observed Therapy (Dot)
*N. Rangi, V. Paul And Dr. D.B. Joshi1
16. July - September Review Article A Review on Urinary Patent
Taneja R
17. July - September Review Article Review on Oral Colon-Targeted Drug Delivery System
Jaimin N. Oza,
18. Oct - Dec Review Article Evaluation of Analgesic and Antimicrobial Activity Using Bos Indicus Urine
Sweety Choudhary*, Anju Goyal, Pradeep Goyal, Amit Bhargav and Bhupendra Vyas
19. Oct - Dec Review Article Method Development And Validation For The Estimation of Alprazolam And Sertraline Hydrochloride By Advanced Analytical Techniques
Yasmita .J Patel*, Anju Goyal, Y.M .Patel,
20. Oct - Dec Review Article Evaluation Moringa Oleifera Gum As Suspending Agent And Its Comparative Study With Other Conventional Suspending Agents
E.Gopinath*, R.K.Yadav, G.Jayabalan
21. Oct - Dec Review Article Nanorobots: Small innovation huge future
Joshi V, Jadon G
22. Oct - Dec Review Article Nanotechnology : As a Drug delivery system in Anti – inflammatory drugs
Choudhary P, Jadon G